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Awareness, Adaptive, Appreciate Communication

Communicate with each other to build mutual trust and an efficient team

Minutes: 65
Sessions: 7

Communication with people is a very important part of daily life and work. Many people think that communication is a simple matter, but there are many misunderstandings and unpleasant problems in communication.
Effective communication builds trust with people, improves team working relationships, and makes work more effective. We design this course to help you build a positive work culture from understanding your own and others’ social styles, effectively communicating with people of different styles and using appreciation. This course will cover:

  • Elements of Effective Communication
  • Know your own social style
  • Learn about other people’s social styles
  • Deliver effective messages
  • Communication skills with people of different styles
  • Build mutual trust and a positive work culture


  • Elements of Effective Communication (7 actions)
  • Knowing Yourself and the Others (Session 1) (7 actions)
  • Knowing Yourself and the Others (Session 2) (7 actions)
  • Flexible Communication (Session 1) (6 actions)
  • Flexible Communication (Session 2) (10 actions)
  • Positive Language (7 actions)
  • Course Review & Evaluation (8 actions)


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