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Define your purpose with the Golden Circle

Learning objectives

When tasked with presenting your company to potential partners, focussing too much on your product range and their features is unlikely to inspire the people you want to win over for a future partnership. Therefore, we will introduce a widely adopted framework called the Golden Circle, by Simon Sinek.

We will provide you with a set of best practices to help you apply the Golden Circle framework when presenting your company. These best practices show you how to begin with the ‘why’ (your purpose), explain the ‘how’ (your approach), and say ‘what’ you do (your products).

Case Study

We will immerse you in a case study in which you represent an electronics company widely known for their cameras, but has recently become a leader in self-driving technology. Your job is to win a partnership with a large car manufacturer in France. As you can imagine, you are a victim of your brand legacy, and it is on you to convince the car manufacturer of your new technologies.

2.5 hours learning time


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