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Effective Decision Making & Problem Solving

Refresh your understanding of thinking (software) and brain (hardware) to make wise decisions.

Minutes: 151
Sessions: 10
Actions: 81

When facing what seems to be a complicated question, we need to have a refreshed understanding of thinking (software) and brain (hardware) to make wise decisions.

We make decisions to solve problems every day. Some decisions are personal, others are related to work. Some need quick reaction, others require some contemplation. Some decisions need personal conviction, others require participation of the whole team. Some may get you a lot of praise, others might provoke different reactions.

Different situations require different ways of thinking. In this course, we want to equip you with the latest scientific knowledge (in neuroscience, psychology, organization theory and so on) and provide you with real-life experience, to help you analyze problems and make more effective decisions in a more comprehensive perspective.

  • The importance of this topic (9 actions)
  • How does our mind work when we deal with problems? (11 actions)
  • Framework for effective decision-making and problem-solving (7 actions)
  • C in C.A.P.E.X: Collect facts and emotions (8 actions)
  • A in C.A.P.E.X: Ask the right questions (8 actions)
  • P in C.A.P.E.X: Produce new options (8 actions)
  • E in C.A.P.E.X: Estimate options and choose the best one (6 actions)
  • How do biases affect our decision-making? (9 actions)
  • X in C.A.P.E.X: Execute and receive feedback (5 actions)
  • Course evaluation and assessment (12 actions)


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