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Explain acquisitions in low-context cultures

Learning objectives

When explaining acquisitions to Western companies, a lack of explicitness around your rationales, your goals and how you expect to cooperate with each other can make it difficult for the management team at the acquired company to follow you.

We will provide you with a set of best practices you can follow when explaining acquisitions to colleagues from low-context cultures. These best practices show you how to describe the acquisition rationales, describe the future vision, and secure cooperation.

Case study

We will immerse you in a case study in which your company has acquired a traditional German brewery. Your vision is to use the production and distribution capabilities of the German brewery to help your company become a global leader in non-alcoholic beers. As you can imagine, your vision will be received with some scepticism by your new German colleagues and you must overcome their resistance.

2.5 hours learning time


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