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Feedback for Higher Performance

Giving effective feedback helps your work to be more effective and relaxing.

Minutes: 89
Sessions: 7
Actions: 51

This course will help you to understand why giving feedback is a must-have skill for an excellent leader. We will discuss what mindset you should have as a feedback giver, explain in simple language the theories, steps, methods and scenarios of how to make use of positive and constructive feedback, and how to deal with employees who ignore feedback. Furthermore, we will talk about how to strike up a conversation when you conduct performance appraisal, so you can not only give feedback to colleagues confidently, but also enhance your work level and productivity.

  • Importance of feedback at work (9 actions)
  • Getting prepared for feedback (7 actions)
  • Delivering positive feedback (6 actions)
  • Delivering constructive feedback (6 actions)
  • Dealing with challenging responses (7 actions)
  • What if my feedback does not work? (6 actions)
  • Performance review structure (10 actions)


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