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Incentivise cooperation in individualistic cultures

Learning objectives

Imagine you have acquired a small but innovative Western company, and you have lots of plans with them. You want them to grow their business more aggressively, leverage synergies with them, but you also want them to remain innovative. Without setting incentives that address the cultural traits of individualistic cultures, you will find it difficult to get them to support these plans.

We will provide you with a set of best practices to help you incentivise your colleagues from individualistic cultures to cooperate with you. These best practices show you how to incentivise growth, incentivise synergies, and incentivise innovation.

Case Study

We will immerse you in a case study in which you work for a bank that has just acquired a startup from Spain specialising in AI technology. You want to help their commercial growth in your market, develop services tailored to your own needs, but remain at the forefront of AI innovation. As you can imagine, you are asking a lot so you should expect resistance. It’s on you to set the right incentives to secure their cooperation.

2.5 hours learning time


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