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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Lead calmly and effectively in this ever-changing world.

Minutes: 99
Sessions: 8

This course can help you become a leader with higher emotional intelligence. Through different learning approaches, you will understand how emotional intelligence affects one’s decision making and performance. You will take an assessment suggesting what aspects you can improve in, and learn some practical ways to improve your emotional intelligence.

The course will also discuss how to lead a team and cope with intense negative emotions in different situations. Course contents include:

  • 5 components of emotional intelligence, and how to cope with your emotions and make better decisions in an ever-changing environment
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your emotional intelligence, so you can lead a team more effectively
  • How to better deal with situations which provoke emotions

Actions: 52

  • The importance of emotional intelligence to leadership in the 21st century (9 actions)
  • How to improve self-awareness on my emotion (5 actions)
  • Hoe to enhance self-control by regulating my emotion (6 actions)
  • Cultivating positive outlook (6 actions)
  • Being adaptive as a high EQ leader (5 actions)
  • The importance of empathy (7 actions)
  • How to help others to regulate emotions (5 actions)
  • Live out high emotional intelligence leadership (9 actions)


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