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Make interventions in confrontational cultures

Learning objectives

When making interventions with Western colleagues, their confrontational nature and emotional expressiveness might make it difficult for you to even start your intervention. They might try to avoid the conversation at all or use threats to stop you going any further.

We will provide you with a set of best practices you can follow when making interventions in confrontational cultures. These best practices show you how to survive the first attack, handle threats, and state your case.

Case Study

We will immerse you in a case study in which you are the majority investor in a disruptive startup in the real-estate space. In preparation for an initial IPO, you need to address some instances of underperformance and irregularities in the books with the charismatic founder of the startup from Israel. As you can imagine, this founder is likely to react in a very confrontational way to your intervention, but it is up to you to make your intervention count.

2.5 hours learning time


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