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Secrets to Effective Presentation

Presentation will no longer be an ordeal, but a medium through which you can exert influence.

Minutes: 150
Sessions: 9

In the workplace, every person is a presenter who teaches and conveys messages by delivering presentations every day. However, most of us have not learned how to present or persuade people in ways other people can comprehend. Seeing that, we have designed this course to help you prepare your presentation step by step, starting from understanding your target audience. The course will cover the following contents:

  • Considering the audience’s needs
  • Determining goal and content
  • Structuring contents
  • Preparing presentation slides
  • Being mentally prepared before the presentation
  • Speaking techniques for a punchy presentation
  • Handling questions effectively

Actions: 55

  • Why learn how to present? (4 actions)
  • Step 1: Consider audience’s needs (7 actions)
  • Step 2: Determine goal and content (6 actions)
  • Step 3: Structure contents (6 actions)
  • Step 4: Consideration in preparing PowerPoint (6 actions)
  • Step 5: Getting ready to deliver (6 actions)
  • Step 6: Deliver with power (7 actions)
  • Handling questions effectively (6 actions)
  • Course summary and evaluation (7 actions)


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