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Succession Planning

Pass on the achievements of the previous generation to the next generation.


Family business has a long history and is the most common and prosperous form of business in the world. Most Chinese-funded companies listed in Greater China operate under a family holding model, with family members serving on the board of directors and management. Compared with companies with decentralized ownership and separation of governance rights, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. There is no doubt that good family business governance (i.e. the distribution of ownership and governance rights), including effective decision-making and conflict resolution mechanisms, and smooth succession, are important to maintaining a healthy family and a healthy business.

The course “Achievement and Succession” is designed to help family businesses that are preparing or have already passed on across generations to outline the considerations and preparations for succession, so that each stakeholder can perform their respective responsibilities and get ready for passing on the previous generation’s succession to the next generation.

  • Success & Succession (10 actions)
  • Why and What? (8 actions)
  • Stakeholders & Agenda (10 actions)
  • Values & Vision (7 actions)
  • Culture in Transition (10 actions)
  • Challenges & Derailment (9 actions)
  • Process & Model (11 actions)
  • Exit — Ending Well (8 actions)
  • Course Evaluation (3 actions)


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