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Wisdom Gym

In this turbulent era, we, more than ever before, need wisdom to transform crises into opportunities.

Minutes: 120
Sessions: 6
Actions: 57

In this turbulent time, we need wisdom more than ever before, not just for the sake of surviving, but also for transforming crises into opportunities. Here, we redefine wisdom as a journey to develop and strengthen our brain, a journey which helps us calm our emotions, withstand pressure, and grow our empathy towards others. In this series, we will introduce different techniques to adjust your brain muscle, so you may have more wisdom to weather different storms!

This course is especially designed for employees who experience lots of changes and pressure at work. Upon completing this course, they will have learned different skills to train the brain towards faster emotional resiliency, so they can deal with problems in life more wisely.

  • How do we deal with changes at work? (9 actions)
  • Emotions aroused by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) (9 actions)
  • Handling pressure with wisdom (9 actions)
  • Growing joy with wisdom (10 actions)
  • Cultivating kindness towards your enemies (10 actions)
  • The wisdom to eat and sleep well (10 actions)


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