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Blended learning approach to promote behavioral change and mindset transformation

Most of Chorev’s programs are based on Dr. Dan Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology model for transformation.According to the model, our brains, mindset, and relationships with others all interplay and affect our behavior.People development programs that engage all three – that is, rewiring brains, renewing minds,and reconnecting with people – are more likely to facilitate positive behavioral change that truly bridge the gaps.

Slide Renewing the Mind Rewiring the Brain Reconnecting People By reframing our perspectives and
challenging our assumptions, we can
create a different mindset that allows us
to see more clearly.
By working with the brain, we can establish
new brain neuron pathways that enable
new behaviors and habits to form and stick.
By connecting with people, we promote
emotionally satisfactory relationships that
support shared, positive outcomes.

Service and Learning Approaches Offered

We combine these approaches for blended learning programs to maximize program effectiveness.


“ BEA is glad to have partnered with Chorev Consulting Intl. to roll out a blended learning solution to our senior managers, including high potential leaders, since 2020. Chorev's blended learning, integrating micro-learning, face-to-face workshops and facilitator-led virtual programmes, were vital in providing us with the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and practicality to equip ourselves with the growth mindset necessary to support our business transformation during COVID-19. ”

Doris Tong, Head of Training and Development Department
The Bank of East Asia, Limited


“ We had greatly enjoyed the blended learning solutions offered by Chorev, which presents the right mix of microlearning, virtual facilitator-led workshop via zooms, project coaching via Microsoft Teams and face to face teambuilding. With their flexibility and high learning impact that the sessions can be delivered during the COVID 19 period in Hong Kong. The training solutions enabled us to experience the process as well as enlightening on our understanding of Design Thinking. We found the interactive elements and suggestions on how we could do things differently to enhance our operations and service delivered were most beneficial. We will re-launch the same learning approach in our mainland operation to align and drive innovation in our Group. ”

Laura Lo, General Manager – Human Resources​ SOCAM Development Limited


“ ​Since 2016, NAMI has been partnering with Chorev Consulting Intl. to coach our high potential research talents, mostly PhD/Master graduates, and to unleash their potential for development. Chorev’s professional training teams have both the credibility and experience to conduct various leadership programs which are well received by our participants. Over the past few years, around 100 participants have gained important soft skills, particularly in people leadership, project management, conflict resolution and design thinking. We are glad to see many of them are becoming well-rounded technology leaders, achieving innovation breakthroughs and commercialization success. ​”

Ms. Jenny Yiu, Director of Operation
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI)

Team Alignment
Real-time Virtual Learning


Classroom learning experiences that build both understanding and skills with at least 60% experiential elements. We contextualize learning through case studies that resonate with clients’ specific situations. Opportunities to practice are always included where possible.

Signature Courses
  • Growth Mindset for Change
  • High EQ Leadership
  • Leading Diversities in VUCA WorldPerformance coaching
  • Presenting with Power and Point
  • Trust Building Communications

Team Alignment

We design meaningful opportunities that enhance team collaboration, communication, and alignment. We use various approaches: ranging from fun and engaging activities that promote shared experiences; to deep dialogues that build genuine understanding; to techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry that align vision and strategy. Technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR) or drones, promote innovative play in a fun and engaging way. The key is to enhance positivity and appreciation among team members.


Individual and group coaching programs that help people achieve their desired goals.

We have a variety of models at our disposal, including EQi-2.0, DiSC, Social Styles, Big5, TypeCoach, LEA 360, Immunity to Change and other customized assessments, that we can use with individuals and groups if and as appropriate.

Real-Time Virtual Learning

We have organized real-time learning events ranging from a few to hundreds of participants. The programs are always interactive and engaged while enabling participants to learn new concepts to apply in real life.

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