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Catherine Wong

Ms. Wong is the co-owner of Chorev with a passion to help people better communicate with and relate to others. She is passionate about giving supportive yet direct feedback to help leaders be more effective; therefore, her programs usually involve a heavy element of practice and feedback. She was previously the head of a global communications consultancy in the Hong Kong office, which required her to navigate various group’s sentiments to reach consensus. This sharpened her ability to identify people dynamics, enabling her to be an effective coach and facilitator to help experienced teams build greater trust and deliver greater results. In addition, she is a frequent speaker at chambers of commerce on various topics, such as trust building conversations, coaching leader and resilience. Catherine is an Accredited Certified Coach of the ICF, EQ-i2.0/360, MBTI Step I/II, certified facilitator for “Immunity to Change” and attended the Tavistock Group Relations Conference in 2017.

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